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Pipe External Coating

The company owns 2 sets of pipe external coating lines which can coat the pipe withφ150mm-φ1420mm.The annual capability can be up to 3,000,000 square meters.Outside Coating Type:FBE,2PE,3PE and 3PP. Coating Standards : SY/T0413 , DIN30670 , DIN30678 , CAN/CSAZ24520M92 , CAN/CSAZ24521M92,The pipe external coating lines had produced about 390km 3PE coated pipes with φ1016mm for GAS PIPELINE PROJECT FROM WEST TOEAST.

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                            Pipe Coating Production Line


Pipe Internal Coating

Pipe internal coating line , imported from SOCOTHREM Company in Italy and B&L Company in Holland ,can paint kinds of liquid epoxy for welded pipe with φ508mm-φ1420mm.The annual capability is up to 1,800,000 square meters.The pipe internal coating line had produced about 390km coated pipes of φ1016mm for GAS PIPELINE PROJECT FROM WEST TOEAST.                    

Finished Coated Pipes