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N-depth Communication Meeting of Foreign Trade Held in Corporate Headquarters of Jiangsu Huawei Steel Co.,Ltd

December15, 2012,n-depthcommunication meeting of foreign trade elite was held in corporate headquartersby Jiangnan chamber of Commerce Network.
It’s our pleasure to invite Mr.Tian of Yangzhou chamber of Commerce Network, Miss Li ofJinling chamber of Commerce Network and foreign trade elites from Jiangnanchamber of Commerce Network. Sharing and discussing the theme that theoperational experience and skills of foreign trade e-commerce under the fiercechallenge and competition.
 Miss Li’s theme was “know yourselfas well as the enemy” . In a word to conclude her theme is : know yourself,know customers and know competitors. Mr.Tian expounded her theme fromfour aspects of “PDCA” how to promote e-commerceexperiential marking. The last activith is PK contest. Li Ling of our companywon the championship in many companies. It is closely connested with herpersistende and efforts.
Thanks for two lecturers and all staff involving this activith, wish all ofpeople walk further and better on the road of foreign trade.

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